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Deborah Ruppert is a native Texan born in San Antonio and was raised in a military family who finally settled in a small city outside of Houston, La Porte. Upon her senior year in high school she had great promise of moving far away from La Porte and gaining her higher education through a basketball scholarship. However, that was not the Father’s plans.

She spent her childhood and teens working hard to hone her basketball abilities and to maintain an National Honor Society standing to mask the hurt inside. Her insecurities and feelings of inadequacy was being fueled by the rawness of shame she was carrying from being sexually abuse by her step-father for 7 years and from being raped by her uncle at the age of 10. But the Father had other plans…

In her senior year with scholarships on the cusp of fruition, she had a career ending knee injury that would require surgery. Devastation and desperation once again had set in and through time she finally gave her life to Christ.

Still having the need to prove she was good enough in her own eyes, a couple of years laters she walked on at a Junior College and in the first week was given a partial scholarship. The next semester it was upped to a full scholarship. Having fulfilled the “I am good enough,” she had decided not to go back the second year. In giving in to her coach’s plea for the need of leadership, she accepted another year. This year was different in that Division 1 colleges were now seeking her because of the statistics she carried the year before. Deborah’s eyes gleamed with the thought of going away to a school to live a life. In the second year of Junior College with scholarships to Division 1 schools being offered, once again during a game, she had a career ending knee injury that would require extensive knee surgery. This time devastation did not set in and she decided that she would get married and have a family.

After marriage, her unsaved husband and the demands of life took her time and soon she found herself not serving the Lord. Six years later, the draw of the Holy Spirit was undeniable she returned to Lord in a church that is still her home church today. God had set her in a house where she found a mentor that helped her through the long road of recovery from the sexual abuse and assault of her youth. But life and God’s plan had not been fulfilled yet.

After being married for 10 years, a leader in the church, her husband left her and their two children, Christopher and Michelle, for a relationship with a coworker. This time devastation and shame set in with vengeance and there were many times she didn’t think she would make it through. With the Lord and the pushing of her mentor, she began to find peace within herself.

In 1999, she reluctantly followed the advice of her mentor and began team teaching a curriculum that would not only save her but put her directly in God’s plan. Still teaching this curriculum today, Deborah has found her calling not only in bringing freedom to the captives in Isaiah 61:1-3 but takes her mandate in verse 4, “They will rebuild the ancient ruins and restore the places long devastated; they will renew the ruined cities that have been devastated for generations.”

Deborah has been a part of New Life Christian Fellowship since 1996. She has been involved in leadership roles in many different departments: Media, Praise and Worship, Community Action, Role Models of America, Moms Against Hunger and is still the Celebrate Recovery Director today. In 1997, Deborah was ordained as a Minister in the church. She was also ordained as a Minister through Independent Christian Churches International in 2013.

By trade, Deborah is a piping designer and has worked in the oil and gas industry for over 23 years. Her experience has included design and engineering in the oil and gas, offshore petroleum, architectural design, aeronautics and telecommunications fields.
Deborah has also worked with many other organizations and been involved in many different arenas in the La Porte area: The La Porte Main Street Association, The La Porte Education Foundation, Member of the Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Bond Committee, Member of the La Porte Development Corporation Committee, Main Street Committee, Ambassador for the La Porte-Bayshore Chamber of Commerce, and in 2001 she ran for City Council. In 2005 she received an award for “Legacy of Leadership for a Non-Profit” from Innovative Alternatives. In 2013, she received the “Spirit of Volunteerism” award from Bay Area Turning Point.

Recently, Deborah received her certification as a Belief Therapist through The Therapon Institute. She is also currently working on her Board Certification of Addictions and Recovery Counseling (ARCO) through the America Association of Christian Counselors. She still lives in La Porte with her husband, Chuck, her daughter, Michelle, and their three rescue dogs, Sweetie, Gunner and Bullet. She has found a unique position where impacting the community has become a fulfilling lifestyle and a challenge to step out and make a difference. And God still has plans…